"Donkey" sold out for tonight

"Tales From the Golden Age" was screened at this year's Cannes Film Festival. Last night one of directors Hanno Höferpresented the movie. "This is the first time I present the movie on such a exotic location as a river boat."
But there was more going on yesterday: as always, the day started with a cartoon, and went on with German movie "Absurdistan" and two documentaries: "Life" and "Let's Make Money".
Last screening was part of this years's side program: it was Japanese movie "Departures".

Tonight we screen "Donkey" as evening's first screening. But, if you're waiting to see the movie, you'll have to find a place on the bank, because all the seats are sold! And after "Donkey", stay for Ken Loach's "Looking for Eric". Enjoy!

// 28.08.2009