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Film info

  • Country:Italija
  • Director:Antonio Manetti i Marco Manetti
  • Year:2021
  • Duration:133'
  • Kategorizacija:12
  • Actors:Luca Marinelli, Miriam Leone, Valerio Mastandrea


Based on the comic book series, which sold over 150 million dopies, „Diabolik“ delivers suspenful crime action in the finest 1960s Bond style. The fictional city of Clerville, 1960s. The infallible Diabolik, a gentleman gangster whose real identity is unknown, has dealt another blow to the police, escaping yet again with his black Jaguar E-type. Meanwhile, there is great anticipation in town for the arrival of Lady Kant, a fascinating heiress who'll be bringing a famous pink diamond with her. The priceless jewel does not elude Diabolik's attention, who in an attempt to put his hands on it, gets enchanted by the woman's irresistible charm. But now the very life of the master thief is in danger: The determined and incorruptible Inspector Ginko and his team have finally found a way to draw him out into the open and this time Diabolik will not be able to get out of it alone.

About the director

Marco (15 January 1968) and Antonio Manetti (16 September 1970), collectively referred to as Manetti Bros., are Italian filmmakers, famous for their musical comedies. After having directed more than a hundred video clips, for singers such as Piotta, Alex Britti, Mietta, Mariella Nava and Max Pezzali the Manetti Bros. directed a small-budget thriller film, set mostly in an elevator: Floor 17. Most of the cast of that film worked once again with the brothers on the TV series L'ispettore Coliandro. In the 2010s the brothers directed their two most celebrated films, both set in Naples: Song'e Napule, a comical tribute to the 1970s poliziotteschi, screened at the 2013 Rome Film Festival, and Ammore e malavita, a musical comedy presented at the 2017 Venice Film Festival. Both movies received critical acclaim and the latter won the David di Donatello Award for Best Picture.

Screening schedule

  • 30.06.2022.

    Hrvatski dom Vukovar


Tickets for screenings at Cinestar Vukovar, Danubian Sand Island, Borovo Cinema are free. For screenings at locations - Terrace of Agency for Waterways and Castle Eltz Park admission is 15 HRK. Tickets.

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