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During Roland Garros

Dok je trajao Roland Garros

Film info

  • Country:Hrvatska
  • Director:Snježana Tribuson
  • Year:2019
  • Duration:21'
  • Actors:Dijana Vidušin, Leon Lučev, Mijo Jurišić


Vjera (40) has a husband and two children, lives in a small Mediterranean town fully conforming to its traditional stereotypes. The burial of her husband's mother intertwined with typical family rituals and a visit from Petar, her husband's brother, noticeably different from her patriarchal husband, will awaken in Vjera the feelings she had suppressed. Their secret love story has been and will remain hopeless.

About the director

Snjezana Tribuson was born in Bjelovar. She graduated in film and TV directing from the Zagreb Academy of Dramatic Art in 1981, where she has been teaching film and TV directing since 2004. She has directed a number of TV dramas and films, including “Bad News or International Women’s Day” and “Three Love Stories”, which have also received the Oktavijan award. She has also worked on a number of TV shows and series. Her first feature film, “Recognition”, was awarded three Golden Arenas in 1996. The film “The Three Men of Melita Žganjer” (1998) has received seven awards, while her latest film, “God Forbid a Worse Thing Should Happen”, has won two Golden Arenas. She and Goran Tribuson cowrote the scripts for 55 episodes of the successful sitcom “Take a Rest, You Deserved It”. She has also directed about twenty episodes of the series. In 2016 she has completed her newest feature film "All the Best" for which she wrote the script. "All the Best" has won 15 awards.

Screening schedule

  • 07.07.2019.

    Terrace - Agency for waterways


Tickets for screenings at Cinestar Vukovar, Danubian Sand Island, Borovo Cinema are free. For screenings at locations - Terrace of Agency for Waterways and Castle Eltz Park admission is 15 HRK. Tickets.

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