• Golden barge for best feature film goes to the film Number 55 directed by Kristijan Milić

    and life achievement award goes to great croatian actor Mustafa Nadarević
  • Final countdown! Before, on Sunday 24th, program Vukovar warming up

    Documentary Vukovar of my youth, Two Faces of January and Dallas Buyers Club
  • Let`s dance!! With some excellent music artists performing just for you…

    Rundek, Ban, Vatra, Diskobajagi, Bambi Molestersi and DJ Duo from Papaya
  • One of the most anticipated films, Leviathan by Andrej Zvjagincev, exclusively on the 8th VFF!

    So far he has caused unprecedented interest… We'll see what awaits us?
  • The main and side program of the 8th VFF's has been announced at a press conference in Zagreb

    The best of the A world-festivals and movies by Zvjagincev, Noyce and Dardenne
  • Laureate Karlovyih Vary Notebook and director Janos Szasz at the 8th VFF!

    Distinctively photographed drama, chillingly atmospheric tale of wartime horrors
  • Retrospectives from Pedro Almodovar and Danish Oscar-winning director Susanne Bier

    Borovo naselje and Županja will host the best films of famous directors
  • The absolute winner of the Pula Film Festival Number 55 by Kristijan Milić

    with 8 Golden Arenas will be defending national colors for Croatia at VFF 2014.
  • Members of the jury for this year are movie critic...

    ...Branka Šomen, film historian Daniel Rafaelić and actress Milena Zupančić
  • VFF 2014. - quality, diversity and attractiveness of movies...

    ..just presented at major international festivals in Cannes, Berlin and Sundance
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Tickets can be purchased each day for all screenings.

The films are shown at seven locations: at Terrace of Agency for Waterways, Castle Eltz park, Ruzicka's house, Borovo Theatre, Danubian sand island, Musemum Županja park, Vinkovci cinema and CineStars Zagreb, Rijeka, Osijek and Varazdin .
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