Viking invasion



Film info

  • Country:Danska
  • Director:Fenar Ahmad
  • Year:2017
  • Duration:112'
  • Actors:Dar Salim, Stine Fischer Christensen, Ali Sivandi


Zaid is a successful surgeon and lives in a fancy apartment with his pregnant girlfriend. One night Zaid’s younger brother, Yasin, knocks on his door and asks his brother for money. Zaid refuses. A few days later Yasin gets assaulted and killed. Since the police are not very helpful, Zaid feels forced to find out who did it himself and embarks on a mission to eliminate all the criminal gangs in Copenhagen. He disguises himself and takes on the criminal underworld. But Zaid’s persistent battle results in serious consequences for himself and his family, and he has to decide if the price of revenge is worth it all.

The director, Fenar Ahmad, was born 1981
in Czechoslovakia. Ahmad came to Denmark in 1986 as an Iraqi refugee. In 2004 he began making documentaries, and in 2007 he joined the film collective Super16. Ahmad’s film Mesopotamia (2008) won the First Prize Official Short Nice to meet you (2007) was an award winner at the Danish film festival Then Megaheavy (2010) was selected for Berlinale Generation and won a Danish Academy Award (2010). His feature film debut Flow (2014) was screened at London Film Festival 2014.

Screening schedule

  • 26.08.2017.

    Danubian sand island

  • 26.08.2017.

    Urania cinema, Osijek


Tickets for screenings at Cinestar Vukovar, Danubian Sand Island, Borovo Cinema, Valpovo culture center, Centar znanja Vinkovci, Vucedol museum are free. For screenings at locations - Terrace of Agency for Waterways and Castle Eltz Park admission is 15 HRK. Tickets.

Festival hosts
  • Discovery
  • Grad Vukovar
  • Hrvatski dom Vukovar
Srebrni sponzor
  • Pevec
  • Grad Zagreb
  • Hrvatska turistička zajednica
  • Hrvatski audiovizualni centar
  • Ministarstvo kulture
  • Vukovarsko-srijemska županija
  • TZ Vukovar
  • American Express
  • AutoWill
  • Badel Pelinkovac
  • Borovo
  • Elatus
  • Filmofeel
  • Hrvatska banka za obnovu i razvitak
  • Iločki podrumi
  • Startas
  • Alatir
  • PPD
  • Bobi

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