An artist and a dear friend of mine once said every artistic or public deed is also, inevitably – manipulation. The truth that blocks. So, what to do now – stop all activities and retreive to solitude or act? My friend responded to this dilemma with deeds. Is that the right thing to do? I do not know, but I'm sure that paths are all individual.

What short-term or long-term sort of manipulation is Vukovar Film Festival?

Short-term one would be to contribute to cultural revival of the city. In that sense, our goal is to initiate construction of modern mini-plex theatre. I'm sure you'll all agree that growing up in a city with theatre and growing up in one without such a window into the World are two completely different dimensions. There's no Internet, TV or DVD that can replace first teenage couples' going to the movies.

Long-term manipulation is for the festival to become something like „Good Water“ spring - a spring of
good energy.

Thanks to everybody.

Igor Rakonić