Call for submissions at 4th Vukovar film festival

From August 25rd to 29th, 2010 the 4th Vukovar Film Festival will be held. In the competition part, all the professional film in three categories...

// 10.02.2010

And the Winners are..

It's all over and done !
The winners are:

// 30.08.2009

There is no Almodovar's Broken Embraces tonight

Because everbody interested in Almodvar's Broken Embraces found their seat last night at Ruzicka's House there is no need for repeating the projection today.

// 30.08.2009

Police, adjectiv moves to Ruzicka's House, Almodovar at river barge if time alowes

Due to time, Police, adjectiv moves to Ruzicka's House. Almodovar's film will be screened at river barge if time alowes.

// 29.08.2009

Today is the day for "Police, adjective" and "Broken embraces"

After last night's sold out screenings of "Donkey" and "Looking for Eric", today we offer a few real gems for true movie lovers.

// 29.08.2009

Tonight we party Hawaiian style

From tonight we have another party location: Eltz castle with Hawaiian house.

// 28.08.2009

"Donkey" sold out for tonight

Short movie "Fish needs water" and Romanian omnibus "Tales From the Golden Age" attracted the audience last night.

// 28.08.2009