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City of Ember


USA, 2008., 95'


Gil Kenan


Tim Robbins, Bill Murray, David Ryall



Ember is a city built to last 200 years from the Earth Destroyed by Blobs Humans Aliens called "Drei" . The builders of Ember left instructions to the mayors in a box that would open by itself. Unfortunately, one of the mayors was lazy and tossed the box into a closet, where it was forgotten for generations. The year is 241 A.D. After the Earth's destruction. Lina Mayfleet, and Doon Harrow are two children in Ember who find themselves on a mission to save their dying city. The city's lights are beginning to flicker and food supplies are running out. Two children, Lina and Doon, are on the mission to save their dying city.

Gil Kenan is an English born director. Was an Oscar nominee for directing a animation feature Monster house.


28.08., FRIDAY, 10.00, RUŽIČKA’S HOUSE