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Germany, 2008., 88’


Veit Helmer


Gordan Mihic


Kristyna Malérová, Max Mauff, Nino Chkheidze, Suzana Petricevic, Vlasta Velisajevic


Bavarian Film Awards 2008. - Special Award
German Film Awards 2008.
Film Award in Gold for Best production design

An allegorical comedy centered on two childhood sweethearts who seem destined for one another until the women of their isolated village, angered by male indifference toward the water shortage, go on a sex strike that threatens the young couple's first night of love.

Writer-director-producer Veit Helmer studied film at the Munich Film School HFF.
He co-wrote the feature film "A Trick of Light" directed by Wim Wenders, premiered  in Venice 1997.His first feature film production "Tuvalu"had been invited to 62 festivals, including Berlin. His second feature film "Gate to Heaven", starring Miki Manojlović  was released in 2003..He became member of the European Film Academy in 2002.